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Provision Security Day Conference plays a critical role in bringing the cybersecurity industry together.


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Provision Security Days Conference

Face Convention Center | October 4, 2022

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>Vladimir Palacka

About The Speaker

Vladimir Palacka

I am working in Skyhigh Security for Czech republic and Slovakia. Focus is on data protection from device to the cloud.

Skyhigh Security

Introducing Skyhigh Security

From our earliest beginnings more than a decade ago, we focused on protecting data. As McAfee Enterprise, we continued to innovate, and now we are proud to launch as Skyhigh Security. We created Skyhigh Security because in this cloud-first world, people are still using the same old approach to protecting their data. Even though the cloud’s promise is to relieve the burden on IT, security solutions have not kept up. You deployed the cloud because it’s easy. Protecting the data should be easy too. We were among the first to recognize the cloud’s potential and knew that protecting data in this new hybrid world required an entirely new approach. We make managing your web and unifying your data policies easy to create and enforce, giving you a single console to provide visibility across all of your infrastructure. We go beyond data access and focus on data use, allowing organizations to collaborate from any device and from anywhere without sacrificing their security. Come check it out for yourself and see why we’re a recognized leader.

In-depth Conference Talk: Introducing Skyhigh Security

15:50 – 16:10