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Provision Security Days Conference

Face Convention Center | October 4, 2022

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Digital Sovereignty Solution / Keep Your Data under Your Control

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Digital Sovereignty Solution / Keep Your Data under Your Control

by Petr Kunstat – Pre-Sales Consultant CEE

When we process data, for example information about our customers, we must always keep in mind that the data must not be accessible to anyone unauthorised. After all, this is clearly defined in the regulation known as GDPR. A suitable technique to ensure data protection is to deploy a system to control access rights to data or applications and to deploy a system to encrypt data.

In case of using cloud services, digital data sovereignty needs to be maintained at the same time. The case known as Schrems II showed us how important data sovereignty is. Even giants such as Facebook or Google have to process data in compliance with the principle of data sovereignty. So if we have user authentication and encryption keys under our own control, we do not have to worry about the encrypted data or the encryption key being accessed by a cloud service provider or a government agent or investigator.