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Provision Security Days Conference

Face Convention Center | October 4, 2022

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>Jeff Bardin

About The Speaker

Jeff Bardin

Jeff Bardin

Jeff Bardin is the Chief Intelligence Officer for Treadstone 71. In 2007, Jeff received the RSA Conference award for Excellence in the Field of Security Practices. His team also won the 2007 SC Magazine Award – Best Security Team. Jeff sits or has sat on the Board of Boston Infragard and was a founding member of the Cloud Security Alliance. Jeff served in the USAF as a cryptologic linguist and in the US Army / US Army National Guard as an Armor officer, Armored scout platoon leader. Mr. Bardin has extensive experience in Cyber Intelligence, Counterintelligence, Cognitive Warfare, Influence Operations, Clandestine Cyber HUMINT, OSINT, and Strategic Intelligence Analysis. He has a BA in Special Studies - Middle East Studies & Language from Trinity College (4.0 GPA) and an MS in Information Assurance from Norwich University (Cum Laude). Jeff also attended the Middlebury College Language School for additional language training. Mr. Bardin also spent two+ years studying Russian history, literature, political systems, and language. He lived and worked in the Mediterranean area, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Persian Gulf Region, and Saudi Arabia. Jeff was an adjunct instructor of master's cyber intelligence programs, counterintelligence, cybercrime, and cyberterrorism at Utica College. Mr. Bardin has also appeared on CNN, CBS News Live, FoxNews, BBCRadio, i24News, BBN, and several other news outlets and has contributed bylines to Business Insider non-inclusively.

Panel ``Counterintelligence, Cyber Warfare and Investigations``

09:30 – 10:20