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Provision Security Day Conference plays a critical role in bringing the cybersecurity industry together.


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Provision Security Days Conference

Face Convention Center | October 4, 2022

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>Umberto Sansovini

About The Speaker

Umberto Sansovini

Umberto Sansovini

Umberto Sansovini has covered different roles both international and national, in large IT security companies over the last 22 years. With his strong Cyber Security market expertise and as Regional Sales Manager for the Data Protection Solutions division at Entrust, Sansovini has proven records in the encryption world and protection of cryptographic process.


Encryption protects your data, HSMs protect encryption

Cryptographic keys are some of your organization’s most precious assets. The value of any key is equivalent to the value of all the data it protects. If a key is compromised it’s game over! Attackers trying to hack systems can easily find cryptographic keys maintained in software. A single stolen or misallocated key could lead to a huge data breach with the consequential reputational damage, penal regulatory fines, and loss of investor and customer confidence.
When using HSMs to protect these keys, a robust layer of security is added, preventing attackers from finding them. nShield HSMs are specially designed to establish a root of trust, safeguarding and managing cryptographic keys and processes within a certified hardware environment and providing enhanced key generation, signing, and encryption to protect sensitive data and transactions.

In-depth Conference Talk

16:10 – 16:30